Get Going, Get Promoting – 5 Tips for Event Promotion

Get Going, Get Promoting – 5 Tips for Event Promotion

By: everso team

Hi There,

Thanks for waiting so patiently while the everso™ team keeps truckin’ along, and finishes hammering out the final details of the next biggest thing to hit your home screen. While you wait (not for much longer), we decided to share some valuable secrets and a few tips you can use to promote events and get your party poppin’. If you’re anything like us, you love meeting new people, catching up with old friends, and enjoying life to the fullest. everso™ was created, for this reason, a hub for connection! We felt like something was missing in the social world though; meeting people on dating apps is hella stressful, and making new friends online is a challenge. Want to connect with people in your network or industry? LinkedIn “connections” are too professional, and let’s face it, not very authentic. everso™ is a place where you can let loose or build bridges. It is more social than single person-to-person connections on other apps. everso™ lets you find out what’s up and where it’s goin’ down. Want to become the talk of the town and get your event promoted? everso™ is your go-to.

With that being said: Here are 5 Tips for Event Promotion!

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Use everso™! (duhhh)


We know it’s obvious, but it’s true! If you want any chance of being the talk of the town (and looking cool in front of your friends), you’re gonna want to have the best possible chance of exposure to your event, and the way you’ll get there is with everso™! As a hub for connection, everso™ is the perfect place to promote your event. Our platform has state-of-the-art functionality, an increased connection rate, and a relationship-focused outlook, making us the proud home of your next big soiree.

You need attendees, how do you get them?


To host a great event, you need attendees, it’s a simple fact of life. Use everso™ to manage your social connections and seamlessly invite them to your event. everso™ is an app made for socializing and networking built on event culture. The app is designed to customize social activities around personalized user preferences, letting you quickly and easily locate or create events that match your interests. Want your event to be a rager? More of a throwback? Based on a certain theme or fandom? What if you’re an industry professional wanting to connect with like-minded colleagues? Good news, we’ve got you covered because our algorithm is centered around user preferences. Connections who share your interests, and are in your area, will see what’s going on and want to join in on the fun! Our 3D “heat map” is a one-of-a-kind approach. This technology will help you determine the vibes of an event and if it’s the place to be.

Location, Location, Location!


So you’ve got the friends, the theme, the drinks. Now what? What you need is a venue. With so many to choose from, how can you possibly narrow it down? More importantly, how do you want your event to be remembered? Will you be seen as the cool guy who had a boujee beach club blast or the try-hard who hosted in their mom’s basement? Either way, it’s your function, so use everso™ to figure out where it’s gonna be. With everso’s™ one-of-a-kind 3D “heat map”, users can view “hotspots” where the most successful events and connections are made. By viewing these events, you may draw inspiration or learn about new venues for future events. Our heat map allows everso™ to merge new local events and social circles at your fingertips, so you always know what’s poppin’ in your area. Users can build relationships on the networking side of our app, with different vendors and venues to determine what will suit their needs and budget.

Everything Yum!


The cornerstone that great events are built on, is not only the knowledge gained or the fun had, but the spread on the snack table. I can’t tell you how many great parties have been ruined by a sub-par assortment of food, or even worse … none. Our team is proud to announce that everso™ is your shindig snack solution. With the everso™ app, user’s preferences are saved, meaning that the great local pizza shop you went to on your last date, is now a recommendation. Utilizing the 3D map also allows you to see not only what places are hot, but where people frequent the most. That dinky-looking diner may be amazing, you never know. Ordering food for your event will be a breeze when you know what you’re craving and where to get it. The connections and relationships that are built on our platform are lasting and meaningful; for instance, you may reach out to a local restaurant or utilize the catering from a vendor you previously connected with.

Spread the word!


Because everso™ is a hub for connections, it allows you to connect to social media profiles. Easily direct users from everso™ to your event page, website, or Instagram among others. Post updates about time, location, and theme on your event board through everso™, and even accept and send invitations or tickets. Another way to spread the word is to use specific event branding. By using a common theme, colors, typography, and phrases that stand out, you can drum up brand recognition and excitement for your event. everso™ is a great resource for sending reminders and updates to your network, as well as getting the word out to those around you, with everso™, you unlock a whole new way to spread the word, and meet awesome people!

Well, that’s that! Here at everso™, we have worked hard to design a new type of social. Our team has made it our mission to create a platform for everyone that is designed by and for people in the know to foster a diverse social circle, from casual get-togethers to unconventional meetups. Hopefully, with these tips, and with everso™ at your side, you’ll be on the road to an event worth remembering!


So long, for now!

everso™ team