Building Bridges Using Everso to Climb the Social Ladder

Building Bridges Using Everso to Climb the Social Ladder

By: everso team

Hey There,

Thanks for waiting so patiently, while the everso™ team continues the grind of development for the biggest thing to hit your home screen. While you wait (not for much longer), we wanted to give you a taste of some amazing features of everso™, to help you build that social credit score! If you’re anything like us, you love meeting new faces, catching up with old friends, and enjoying life to the fullest. everso™ was created as a hub for connection! We felt like something was missing in the social world; meeting people on dating apps is hella stressful, and making new friends online is a challenge in itself. Want to connect with people in your network or industry? LinkedIn “connections” are too professional and let’s face it, not very authentic. everso™ is a place where you can let loose or build bridges and is more social than single person-to-person connections on other apps. everso™ lets you find out what’s up and where it’s goin’ down. Want to meet like-minded individuals and expand that social circle? everso’s got you covered!

That said:  Here are some ways you can use everso™ to climb the social ladder!

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Making Friends Hasn’t Been This Easy Since … ever(so)!


everso™ is changing the game when it comes to friendships and relationships. By using everso™, you are guaranteed to make lasting and meaningful connections, with people you care about, and with those who share your interests. everso™ is an avenue to date, make friends, form professional relationships, or even have a casual fling. Whatever you’re into, everso™ can help you get there. Picture the scene: let’s say you’re new in town, you just moved to a new city after college with a job lined up. Work is great, but when you get home, you sit alone in your apartment, reminiscing about old times and seeing old friends posting on their snap stories. Depression much? Not with everso™! Open that handy app and instantly connect with people looking for something to do! Now, that lonely night turns into a bangin’ night out!

We’re All About Fairness Over Here!


everso™ shmeverso you say, can’t I get the same experience from Tinder? Unless you’re strictly looking for a one-sided casual fling, (who knows if they’re a catfish), that may not care about you at all (sounds like red flags). everso™ is where you should be. Yes, we allow for casual meet-ups, but our users take a vested interest in each other and are more likely to share similar qualities. Casual meet-ups are just the tip of the iceberg for everso™, we are so much more! How do we accomplish all this “much more”, Well, first of all, everso™ is welcome to anyone who wants to give us a try, we won’t discriminate. Unlike Tinder or Bumble, we won’t push your profile to the bottom of the card stack, in fact, we don’t even have a card stack! All of our users get equal opportunity to meet whomever they want and connect in any way they can!

Our One-Of-A-Kind Approach!


So, how can we possibly accomplish this? One of the everso™ main features is a 3D “Heat Map”. This one-of-a-kind feature allows users to meet connections in their area by viewing events that are “hot” on the map. When something is hot, it pops off, whether at a local event or a social circle. We push events, as well as users, to each other, based on common traits or interests. Never waste a night out, “knock” next door to connect with people, attend events that vibe with you – even promote your own to curate the social scene. Meeting new people and discovering events, from grassroots shows to corporate flings has never been so easy!

Well, that’s it for now.: At everso™, we pride ourselves on an authentic and trustworthy user experience. We know how hard it is out there, and that’s why everso™ was created, to bridge the gap between social media, dating apps, and real life. everso™ makes it easy to find local events across all interests, or host your own with high visibility. Individuals and businesses can create and promote their events using a seamless social interface. We can’t wait to get started! We’re almost done developing and with these first looks into what we do, we hope that you are as excited as we are about the future of connection!

So long, for now!

everso™ team